“Clare, this…what we’re doing?  It has to be all or nothing.  And I want all of you.  When you cry, I want to be the one holding you.  No matter the reason.  So please, let me hold you.”

Welcome!!  Thanks for stopping by!

My name is J.L. Berg, and I’m a contemporary romance author.  My debut novel, When You’re Ready is NOW available!!

News and Updates:

  • Check out the summary and several sneak peaks for my new novel, When You’re Ready, posted in my bookshelf!
  • Read the FIRST CHAPTER of When You’re Ready
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  • I’m also always on Pinterest, looking up recipes for my little monsters, finding beauty tips, and posting book reviews. I’ve also created a private board full of pins that helped inspire me while I wrote When You’re Ready.  Check it out!
  • Be sure to check my “recent posts” tab, for up to date info regarding new teasers, giveaways, and anything else that may be on my mind at the moment.


       -J.L. ❤


31 responses

  1. I definitely want to read this J. L. Berg..you were recommended to me by a friend…I’m on Facebook and heading over there to Like your page…Have a great week…Your book are exactly what I like to read. Mona

      • This will be in print right? I like to hold the book in my hand…I don’t mind ebook or downloading on my IPad but rather have the paperback…

      • That’s good…I’ll watch out for it…I always get good feelings about books..and I love the brief synopsis of your book…I know I will like it. xo

  2. Very much enjoyed your book. Downloaded it late last night, after kids were in bed & started reading it early this morning. Could not put it down. Wow…lovely story, exceptional writing, witty humor, strong characters, wonderful supporting characters, and the list goes on. Hope to see more great things from you.

  3. It is difficult to wait, but will be difffently be worth it…you even though I have on my Kindle I have to get in paperback. I just having problems getting the signed one from you. I don’t know why. I wish I could just sent you a check and pay S&H…
    All my best..thinking about you…hope all is well…

  4. Just finished When You’re Ready. This is one of the most moving and emotion filled book I have read in a long time. Loved all the characters and cannot wait for Leah’s story. You hit this one out of the park!

    • Thank you so much Terry! That means so much to me! This book was my baby and sharing it with the world literally makes me want to run and scream and hide on a daily basis! So hearing things like that make it ALL worth it!

  5. Loved the book. Read in one day. Cannot wait for #2. Super hummed I can not read it now. 😦 But looking forward to it. Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Debbie! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed WYR! The next book in the series, Never Been Ready, is set for release on Feb. 1st! I will be posting teasers (the first is already out) and the cover reveal here and on my Facebook page, so stay tuned! Much love, JL

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